Add Your Event

Event organisers, hosts and promoters can create a free account and within moments can be adding event listings. We aim to provide and maintain a quality directory of events and accept listings of all sizes across the UK.

What type of events do we list?

We will consider anything garden/horticulture related. Our main categories are as follows:

  • Flower Shows
  • Garden Shows
  • Garden Festivals
  • Plant Fairs
  • County Shows
  • Agricultural Shows
  • Workshops/Courses
  • Seed Swaps & Potato Days
  • Open Gardens

If there are other categories you would like us to add, please get in touch.

Editing pre-existing listings

If your event was already in our database before you created your account and you wish to edit it, please contact us. We can associate the event with your account and this will allow you to make any changes.

Free listings

It's free to create an account at Growing Events and your event listings are free of charge.

Simple to use

It only takes a moment to create an event and submit it to us. You can even clone events to save time.

More to come

Growing Events includes social media integration, with reporting and much more on the way.