Aroid Display in the Glasshouse at RHS Garden Wisley has ended

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Aroid Display in the Glasshouse at RHS Garden Wisley

Event details

  • Tuesday 4th September, 2018 ‐ Sunday 7th October, 2018
  • 10:00am ‐ 5:00pm
  • Admission Prices

    • Adult: £14.50
    • Child: £7.25
    • Member: Free
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  • @RHSWisley
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This unusual family of plants, sometimes known as the Arum or Philodendron family, will be the star of the show with giant leaves and its distinctive flower shape. Aroids are a fascinating group of plants, grown for their unusual flowers and sometimes dramatic foliage. The arum family (Araceae) is a diverse and fascinating group of herbaceous plants that have successfully climbed (Monstera), floated (Lemna) and spread (Arum) their way through the past 122 million years of evolutionary history. Their defining characteristic is the unusual flower structure. Many small flowers are packed tightly together around a club-like spadix, which is in turn surrounded by a hooded spathe. Free with normal Garden admission.

  • Location

    RHS Garden Wisley, 
    GU23 6QB